AbsInt Astrée Workshop

AbsInt Astrée Workshop, 3 day.

This course is a deep dive into static analysis of safety-critical applications.

It provides comprehensive coverage of Static Analysis and Abstract Interpretation, the design and usage of the static analyzer Astrée which aims to formally prove the absence of runtime errors and data races. It also covers the RuleChecker module to check coding guidelines and compute code metrics. The course features practical exercises with the tool concluding each topic.

This course is aimed at software validation and verification engineers, QA engineers and developers of safety-critical code. After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Set up your own Astrée analyses
  • Investigate and review findings
  • Automate analyses and integrate them into the development process
  • Deeper understand state-of-the-art static program analysis
  • Write safer, more robust C code


Detailed Agenda:

  1. General Introduction
  2. Foundations of Static Analysis and Abstract Interpretation
  3. Checking Coding Guidelines
  4. Astrée Key Concepts: The Sound Analyzer
  5. The Static Analysis Ecosystem
  6. Efficiently Working with Astrée and RuleChecker
  7. Modeling the Environment
  8. Data Races and Deadlocks
  9. Minimizing False Alarm Rate
  10. Model-based Code Analysis
  11. Automating Astrée Analyses


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