KEIL PK166 Development Tools (Term)

Keil development tools for the XC16x, C16x, and ST10 microcontroller architectures are designed to solve the complex problems facing embedded software developers. The industry-standard Keil C compiler, macro assembler, debugger, real-time kernel, and emulators support many C16x derivatives to help get your projects completed on schedule.


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The Keil µVision debugger accurately simulates on-chip peripherals for your 166 device. Peripherals include I²C, CAN, UART, SPI, Interrupts, I/O Ports, A/D Converter, D/A Converter, and PWM Modules. Simulation helps you to understand hardware configurations and avoids time wasted on setup problems. Using simulation, you can write and test applications before target hardware is available.

When you are ready to begin testing your software application with target hardware, use the MON166 target monitor or the ULINK2 debug adapter to download and test program code on your target system.

Consider the PK166 Professional Developer’s Kit if you:

  • Will work with various 166 microcontrollers.
  • Need to write code in C.
  • Require a simulator or do not have an emulator.
  • Create complex, single-chip applications that require a small real-time kernel.

The following diagram shows an example configuration of the PK166 components and probes.

Keil PK166 Block Diagram


  • The CA166 compiler kit and A166 assembler kit are not available stand-alone anymore. Purchase the PK166 professional developer’s kit which includes these tools.
  • The ARTX-166 Advanced RTOS is available as a separate purchase.




IDEThe µVision IDE combines project management, run-time environment, build facilities, source code editing, and program debugging in a single powerful environment.
DebuggerThe µVision debugger provides a single environment in which you may test, verify, and optimize your application code. The debugger includes traditional features like simple and complex breakpoints, watch windows, and execution control and provides full visibility to device peripherals.
SimulationµVision allows developers to execute and debug their programs on Arm processor simulations without using a physical target and debug hardware.
A166 AssemblerThe A166 assembler is a macro assembler that translates symbolic assembly language mnemonics into relocatable object code where the utmost speed, small code size, and hardware control are critical.
C166 ANSI C CompilerThe C166 ANSI C compiler is the most efficient and flexible development tool set available. With support for all derivatives and full compatibility with all major emulator vendors, C166 is clearly the best choice for your projects.
EC166 C++ CompilerThe Keil Embedded C++ Compiler supports the Infineon C16x/XC16x and STMicroelectronics ST10 microcontroller families.
L166 LinkerThe L166 Linker/Locator combines your object modules into an executable C16x program. It resolves external and public references and assigns absolute or fixed addresses to relocatable program segments.
OH166 Object HEX ConverterThe OH166 Object-HEX converter creates Intel HEX files or Intel HEX-386 files from absolute OMF166 object modules.
MON166 Target MonitorMON166 is a full-featured, license-free, royalty-free target monitor designed for the 166 microcontroller family.
RTX166 Tiny RTOSRTX166 Tiny is a small real-time kernel designed for single-chip applications. It requires only 1,500 bytes of code space and is well-suited for applications that don’t need RTOS features like messaging, semaphores, and memory pool management.
ARTX-166 Advanced RTOSARTX-166 is an advanced real-time kernel that supports multitasking and real-time control. It also contains a flash file system and a TCP/IP networking stack. ARTX-166 is separately available.



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