Razorcat CTE – Classification Tree Editor

The Classification Tree Editor (CTE) is a graphical editor which by means of the Classification Tree Method is used to transform a (functional) specification into a set of test cases.

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The idea of the Classification Tree Method

With the help of the Classification Tree Method it is easily possible to design tests for different areas in software development. The following two steps are necessary

  • Identify the test relevant aspects (classifications) and their corresponding values (classes).
    This is usually done according to the (functional) specification of the software under test. These aspects represent the input and output data of the test object.
  • Combine the different classes from all classifications in test cases.

Use the graphical editor

The Classification Tree Editor (CTE) is used to design classification trees and create test case specifications in an intuitive way.
Describing the tree elements, setting values for it and creating a test case with its purpose as name results in a comprehensible test case specification.
In addition CTE provides features for more detailed test case specifications, for subdividing a tree in subtrees as well as an easy navigation through subtrees and elements and simplified handling by drag and drop and short keys.

CTE Perspektive

Export test case specifications

The test case specifications can be exported to *.xml, *.html, *.txt, *.m (Matlab file) or *.scp (Statemate) for further use as well as to TESSY for test execution.

Your benefits

  • A systematic and easy understandable way to create test cases in a graphical editor.
  • Partly automated generation of test case specifications.
  • Export for further use by other tools, e.g. TESSY.
  • Integrated into TESSY.

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